Jeffrey L.

April 21, 2011

On April 4th, outside the Brooklyn Lyceum, while crossing the street a young man was struck by a car. We heard/saw the impact and were there for the aftermath. Gut wrenching. Thanks to my friend Regan’s internet prowess we were able to connect with his friend Alaina and she kept us in the loop on his condition. His name is Jeffrey and he is 29 years young. He underwent surgery to repair multiple fractures in his skull and jaw. He also had bloody lungs and a broken shoulder.

Since we all felt pretty useless, but felt impacted by this event, we decided the least we could do was to let him know that strangers cared about what happened to him and that we were all pulling for him. This is our attempt to do so.

We all signed the card and Regan & I were lucky enough to hand deliver it to Jeff while he was still in the hospital. I’m happy to report that he was released from the hospital today and is doing/looking amazingly well! He is in the loving hands of his superhero-strong friends & family and is on his way to a full recovery! (He really is SUPERMAN, and gummy bears are his kryptonite)

So kids, PLEASE be careful crossing. Just assume that no one out there is as cautious as you are. And drivers, PLEASE keep it under 30 mph. There’s nowhere you need to get to so fast that is worth hurting others.

note- I forgot to snap a photo of the card signed.

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